Andy R Ross


Thank you for visiting my home page. I know, seems a little cheesy but I thought it would be a good way for you to find out about me.

I’m looking for a new opportunity and I hope that you decide I’m the right person to join your team. 


I have worked in various areas and in various roles, but over the past fifteen years I’ve worked with two software companies as Controller, CFO, and Senior Vice President of Finance. So more on the Financial side of the business lately. 


I was hired by Siriusware Inc in the summer of 2011 as Controller to replace the retiring CFO. While it was a solid team, I found many manual and slow processes (which drove me crazy). My team and I quickly implemented new systems and processes for revenue recognition, invoicing, sales tax management, travel & expense management and month and year-end closing. With my Salesforce administrator background, I worked with the VP of Sales to enhance forecasting, revenue projections, pipeline reporting, project management, order-to-cash, and overall reporting. Some of the tools we used to do this are Excel (honestly, I don’t think I’ve found anyone better at building and leveraging spreadsheets than me), Nexonia, Avalara AvaTax, and our accounting software, Intacct. Five months after being hired, I was promoted to CFO.


As it happens (and happened at the prior company I worked for), we were approached by a larger company (accesso Technology Group) who wanted to acquire us. Long story short - they did. Because of the confidential nature of the situation, I did all the financial and operational due diligence. 


After the acquisition, I thought I would be let go but was actually promoted to Senior Vice President of Finance for North America reporting to the CFO. What all those words mean is I was responsible for the day-to-day financial operations for the four US based accesso companies. Through this, I standardized policies and processes, put strong leaders in the different locations, moved the accounting to Intacct’s software, and moved Travel & Expense management to Nexonia. And a year after Siriusware was acquired, we acquired another company that I brought into the financial fold. 


Which brings us to now - accesso is continuing to acquire companies and will probably focus more internationally than domestically. I don’t have that international experience which limits me in being the right person going forward. 


If you are looking for someone who can come into your organization, implement technology and processes to be more efficient, and build great teams and value, I’m your huckleberry


Andy R Ross, Santa Fe New Mexico







Senior Intacct Consultant - BT Partners, Chicago, Illinois

Using my experience with Sage Intacct, I joined BT Partners to help clients implement and leverage the Sage Intacct accounting solution. After several months, I determined that this role was not the best use of my skills and have transitioned into a part-time project manager role for BT Partners.

For jobs prior to 1997 and more details on the above positions, click for my resume.

Senior Vice President of Finance, North America - accesso, Taos, New Mexico

Managed day-to-day financial operations for four companies. Standardized policies and processes. Moved all companies to one accounting system, one travel & expense system, and one payroll processor. Led 15 people across 3 states.

Business Unit Controller - Trimble Navigation Limited, Englewood, Colorado

Instituted budgeting process after a ten year lapse. Managed Finance, Human Resources, operational reporting, vendor management, and order fulfillment. After acquisition, transitioned the acquired company to Oracle Financials, and moved company to Trimble’s legal entity,

Senior Management Consultant - C-Change, Inc., San Rafael, California 

Projects included customer service and information services assessments, redesign, and restructure.


I do other things besides Finance and Excel.

I wrote a book, honest.

May not have sold a million copies, but I did it. (Makes a great gift.)

Office Cruise Director.

Pancakes, Cookies, Happy Hours, Brats, Newsletters, I bring the energy level up.

Ordained Minister (thru the power of the internet).

That’s me, marrying my boss (at the time). I’m nine and one, pretty good record I’d say.


Once a year I spend a week helping restore old railroad equipment, and wearing a hard hat!

Local Board Member.

On the board for MARKETAOS promoting tourism and economic growth for Taos.

OS ambidextrous.

I might prefer a Mac, but I’m quite good in Windows environment as well.


Hopefully I got your attention. If so, email or call me.

Click here for my resume (it has my contact info), or fill out the box below.